Bloom Nutrition Series: Hot Pepper Sauce

March 22, 2021

We kicked off our nutrition series last month, and we learned how to make Healthy Meatballs. This month's Nutrition series is the hot pepper sauce. This month's event is Sponsored by Gimsap Markt, an Asian-African and Caribbean Grocery Mart.

Kunbi from Ahinke's Kitchen will show us how to conserve nutrients in our hot pepper sauce without losing its natural health benefits. In this event, you'll learn:

• How to make Hot Pepper Sauce - add one more recipe in your pantry

• How to make on healthy on the go-meals, that can be used as a sauce or a dipper

• How to conserve your hot pepper sauce nutrients while eliminating the 3 step cooking process

• You will learn to substitute and use healthier options to make easy and fast recipes for you and your whole family

We have more than enough seats available, the more the merrier, invite your friends and families. Here's a link to register and invite your friends.

Download the Ingredients list below:

Register below to reserve your event spot:


Registering will also give you free access to the recording, even if you miss this particular event-- and you'll be notified of new, upcoming events.

See you there!

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