BLOOM CAREER CORNER: Positioning Yourself for Success in Your Next Job

June 14, 2021

Grace Adaghe will be teaching you how to position yourself for success in your next job!

Grace Adaghe is the Founder & HR Consultant at Dynamic Resource Solutions Ltd., a Staffing and HR Consulting Firm in Calgary Alberta. She is a dedicated human resources professional that is passionate about creating effective workplaces. The host of Workplace Mattazz on YouTube channel. A published author of the book 'Dare to Dream, Dreams Come True', and an inspirational speaker with passion to cause a transformative morale in people.

This month's Bloom Business Clinic is sponsored by Business Analysis School.

The Business Analysis School is an EdTech learning academy helping non-tech professionals pivot into the tech industry through Business Analysis, Product & Project Management. They offer a variety of courses and programs to help non-tech professionals get the right coaching, skills & certifications to grow their income to six figures using Agile Business Analysis skills.

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