Small Business Partnership


  1. Full Bloom membership
  2. One monthly event sponsorship (per quarter)
  3. Opportunity to talk to attendees about product/service
  4. Mentions as past sponsors in our events Full Bloom Membership
  5. The Welcome Pack
  6. A slot in the Co-op platform as a seller
  7. Opportunity to share in the organizations' profit (Patronage profit)
  8. Host masterclasses or podcasts and be a guest blogger on the Blooming Ladies website
  9. Access to the resource library
  10. Up to 20% discount on Blooming Ladies events (online & in-person)
  11. Discounts from partners
  12. Group Insurance (dependent on numbers) - $300
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The Small Business Partnership is a membership for females with growing small businesses. We want to partner with you to help grow your small business. Detailed Benefits are listed above.
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