Upcoming Projects

Podcast & Media

Our Podcast is for female entrepreneurs as well as women who are pursuing their passions and trying to figure out how they are going to make a difference in the world. We will be interviewing successful business women in various industries, that have had challenges and learning experiences on their journey as an entrepreneur. The goals of the podcast are to motivate women to action, realize their dreams and encourage them to achieve their goals.


If you want to support Indigenous women and local communities, then our merchandise shop is perfect for you. Our merchandise section is a niche marketplace for handmade creations and skill based items.  If you have ever needed a boost of inspiration and self-love, then you need to check out this shop(coming soon). We are a unique collection of women who want to create an environment of empowerment for women and girls. Our merchandise is inspired by our world and the women that surround us.

Canadian chapters/directors

In Canada, the number of women leading at the senior business leadership level is 2.5%. With many women starting families in their mid-thirties, there's rarely an opportunity for advancement. We will be sharing stories about successful corporate and career women to show that you can reach your potential. There are roadblocks and successes along the way. See if these stories give you strength or comfort you in your decision to quit, stay for a few more years, or take another job. 
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